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  • The “Featured Posts” are displayed by tags, the post needs to have the tag “featured“.
  • First make sure that you’ve added properly the tag “featured” so make a test to see if the tag added exists: like this http://yoursite.com/tag/featured/
  • If will show “featured-2” is because a category with the same name “featured” was created, if that’s the case you’ll need to delete both and after that create again the tag “featured” or you can change the tag like “mypost”, “postslider” etc. to do that, open this files: wine-wp/template-home.php

    At the top of the files you’ll see this:

    <?php  query_posts( array( 'post_type' => 'post', 'tag' => 'featured', 'posts_per_page' => $smof_data['featured-posts'] ) );  ?> 
  • Now change the tag “featured” with a different tag, save the files and upload them via FTP.
  • The Number of posts can be changed via Theme Options > Header Settings > Featured Posts.

Display the Featured Post – Slider

  • Create a new page and from “Page Attributes” choose “Template – Home.”.
  • Dashboard > Posts > Add New, add the tag “featured”
  • Click “Publish” and that’s it.
  • Next, read the steps from – > Home Page

See the Featured Post

To see the “Featured Post”, you’ll need to open the page you’ve created, that page needs to have selected from “Page Attributes” “Template – Home + Featured Posts“, to make that page your Home page, read the steps from the Home page.

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