Demo Import (manual)

In the case of failure of the automatic import (One Click Demo Import), you can try to use the manual method. Just follow the instructions below.

Import WordPress XML

This theme includes a demo-content.xml file that will allow you to import the sample data to your site. This file includes most of the demo site data, which includes main theme functions to make it easier for you to see how the theme works.

  1. Go to the “Downloads” page.
  2. Hover the Download button and download “Sample Data”.
  3. Open the zip file, the demo-content.xml, the .XML file is in the Sample Data folder.
  4. Login to WordPress
  5. Double-check that all recommended plugins have been installed and activated (if not, the sample data related to those plugins will not be imported)
  6. Browse to Tools > Import
  7. Click on the WordPress option (you will have to have the “WordPress Importer” plugin installed, you will be prompted if it’s not already installed and active)
  8. Click Browse and select the sample data .xml file
  9. Click Upload files and import
  10. Assign the posts to an existing user
  11. Check the box to download and import file attachments
  12. Click Submit
  13. Give the import some time and do not navigate away from the page until the upload is complete.
  14. Go to Settings > Reading, set your form page to a Static Page, select Home from the drop-down, and save
  15. Go to Appearance > Menus, click on the Manage Location tab, assign the main menu, and save.
  16. If you’d like to change any of the widgets, go to Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop widgets into the active sidebars/widgets section areas.
  17. You should now have site content similar to the live demo.
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