This Is the Moment in 4K Youtube Video

July 16, 2018

Look out Canadian Rockies, GoPro is coming for ya. From July 17-20, the GoPro Family is gathering for the inaugural GoPro Creator Summit in Alberta, Canada. The mission? Pick an epic location. Gather 50 of the top content creators. Teach them some new tricks. And create as much content as possible. Challenge accepted.

Throughout the Summit, GoPro will host short educational courses to up the ante on all guests’ content creation games. The courses, hosted by some of our internal experts, range from the ins and outs of 360 video to growing your social media presence.

There is no way we’d keep all these adrenalin junkies behind doors for four days, though. Once the educational courses wrap, guests will be sent into the wild to put their new skills to the test. Our friends at Travel Alberta put together a catalogue of events that are equally beautiful and ballsy—helicopter hikes and scenic drives to river waves and fly fishing. Sounds fun, eh?

In order to secure a spot at the Creator Summit, guests submitted a content-driven application via GoPro Awards. After reviewing all the bangers that came through, we’re confident that the crew heading to Alberta represents the elite.

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  • Amazing Article,congrats.

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  • GoPro is coming for ya 🙂

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