Lifetime Access and Single Theme Purchase without Renewals

Today we removed our base subscription $59 / 6 months and $89 / 1 year, for all new customers. We believe that it will ultimately result in the best product and the best experience.

From now one, every purchase will be a One-time purchase, no renewals!

Our customers that still have active subscriptions, the next billing renew will be canceled for all accounts. You’ll be able to access and download all themes until your subscription expires.

Can I upgrade my plan to Lifetime Access?

Yes, if you have purchased a plan from us within the last 30 days, you can upgrade by paying the difference between your current plan and the Lifetime. For more details contact us directly.

As a Lifetime member, what do I get?

You get full access to all our themes, updates, and priority support, as well as all new themes created for a lifetime. After you login, from your downloads page, you’ll be able to download all themes, one by one, having the option to download the new/old version for all themes.

Lifetime membership grants you full access to all our themes and support, as well as all new themes created for a lifetime, all updates, and priority one-on-one email support.

Plugins/addons most of our themes don’t come with WooCommerce, so you’ll have a WooCommerce addon available for almost all themes.

Network will be available soon (we need more traffic for this). You’ll be able to add your posts via our website with a redirect link similar to You’ll be able to create, edit, view, and delete your posts.

Single Theme purchase

You’ll have full access to the theme you’ve purchased, updates, and friendly one-on-one email support for 1 year.

After you login, from your Account menu, you’ll be able to download the theme you’ve purchased, having the option to download the new/old version too.

You’ll never be billed after your initial purchase. One-time purchase, no renewals, no contract.

Why the change?

1. Mostly, because of the automatically renews. Most of the customers have complained about it “I didn’t know it will renew” and have asked for a refund.
2. Our price for all themes was to low and the plan to offer access to only 6 months wasn’t the best choice.
3. We are still selling our themes via ThemeForest and the price of 1 theme is $59, the same as our old 6 months plan with access to 35+ themes, so for some customers, something was “strange” with our price, so most of them have preferred to purchase the theme and pay more via ThemeForest.

Final Thoughts

We have more to share in the coming weeks including several new themes and the availability of plugins/addons that can be purchased separately or accessed for free with the “Lifetime Access” plan.

Some Pro versions from our themes will be added too, like Pin, Tasty Food, Foot, 1Page, etc., with better functionality and up to date design.

Finally, a very heartfelt thank you to each of our customers past, present, and future. Your business allows us to do a work that we love, and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope you enjoy the new Anthemes experience, and we look forward to the future together. After all, we’re better together.